Reading: A Malmö Midwinter: An Inspector Anita Sundström Novella by Torquil MacLeod – it should be a quick read. Should being the operative word. But, I have been falling asleep almost immediately upon getting into bed. This might frustrate me, however, since Insomnia has been on an apparent vacation, I will take the sleep while I can get it!

Knitting (and spinning): I cast on Hop Brook by Bonnie Sennott with some handspun Dorset Down. I am about half way through and I carded the remainder of the fiber to spin this weekend. I am also in the home stretch for Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Socks – just the toes to go and I will be done!

Listening: While this season was slow to start, Serial has definitely picked up and in a very good way! I also discovered that Elizabeth Duvivier has a new podcast called Morning on the Dock. If you are not following her on InstaGram, you should – her photos are so spectacular. Thus far I have only listened to episode 8 with Suzan Mischer but I will be eagerly catching up on the previous 7 episodes next week!

Weaving: This week I finally started weaving for the Miss Bab’s Weave Along. I should be done with it next week and my next challenge is to figure out overshot weave. Hopefully…

Stitching: I am finishing up stitching the edges of the table linen from last week. I really like how it looks, but I am thinking about some additional embellishment for it. Stitching is like that – you find you just need a bit more, or you just can’t stop…I am not sure which it is!

In the Journal: I have been keeping a daily journal for some time, but this month I decided to challenge myself – I have been using Amy King’s journal prompts for February in the hope of stretching my writing skills. It was hard at the beginning of the month, but now – nineteen days in, it is much easier and I am actually looking forward to the days writing task. I will definitely continue this in March.

Weather: We had a brief stint of winter this week, which was awesome because, you know, it is winter. However, this weekend that is coming to an abrupt halt as we have temps forecast in the mid to upper 50’s. Scary especially after I read this from the Washington Post this morning. However, during the cold spell, I did manage to wear my Stopover every. single. day. It is my current favorite go to item of clothing.

That is it for this week, Gentle Reader. I hope your weekend is filled with all the things you love!

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