Last week Monday saw the kick off (or cast on) to the #bangoutasweater knit along with Kay and Anne and Friday afternoon saw me bind off a complete sweater.

Yes, that is right, in 35 hours a sweater was born.


On Saturday, all I had to do was cut the steek, separating the pullover into the cardigan she knew she was meant to be!

Cut. The. Steek.

The scariest and probably most insane words in all of the knitting world. For, truly, what sane person takes a scissors to their knitting?!?

The insanely genius, that is who.

I decided to use Ysolda’s crochet steek technique. And even watching her cut a steek in a Periscope broadcast did nothing to alleviate my fears that this would not work the way it was supposed to. However, cut I did and here is where the magic happened. Wonder of wonders, it did exactly what Ysolda said it would, the edges curled back neatly against the fabric.


Like she said!

But that was not the only magic that happened in the knitting of this sweater. I somehow became an adult knitter…

PicMonkey Collage

Now, Gentle Reader, I have been an adult for a very long time, but being an adult knitter is an entirely new thing for me. I now know that I can look at a pattern and figure out how to change it to make it work better for me. I know that I can take those changes and make the project come to life. I know that I can see the project through to the end and with the results I expected.

I have become a Critical Thinking Knitter, who has fallen in love with knitting all over again for a million new reasons.

Stopover was a watershed moment in my life as a knitter, and one I will not soon forget.

I really want to thank Kay and Anne for inspiring this journey. I could not have done it without them!

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