A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Borrowing an idea from Vicki to wind down these last days of December, here is my Blog Year in Review!

January opened the door for a Year of Gratitude.

February 1st started the Bang out a Stopover phenomenon – 35 hours later, a sweater was born.

March started with a fun 10 on Tuesday!

April was all springtime and flowers. Boy, does that look good this morning!

Started with a what am I doing right now post and the iced coffee is a pleasant reminder of warmer days!

June began with a mystery – Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Knit Along that is!

July kicked off the Tour de Fleece and I had a plan. Bonus because some of this frenzied spinning is bringing peaceful knitting!

I think the best thing all year happened in August! We went to see Hillary when she came to Pittsburgh to campaign.

September started off with a bit of sweater surgery to make a no longer fitting sweater fit.

October started with the end of our vacation in Michigan, which provided a good number of photos for the remainder of the month!


November ushered my second successful participation in NaBloPoMo2016 and my 30 days of posting began with an almost completed Sigla!

Think Write Thursday’s was born in 2016 and the December first TWT post was a welcome letter to the month.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The Last Gasp of Summer

The Last Gasp of Summer

It was a fantastic weekend and it was a bit longer than usual since Steve took Friday off.

The weather could not have been more incredible. It was in the 70’s all weekend until late yesterday afternoon when the rain blew in and brought with it much colder temps.


There were cocktails, good food, long walks, fantastic football, and even a movie! Note – the later items were perfect for knitting and knit I did! One sleeve to go and Sigla will be finished!

All that weekend gave me just what I need to take charge of Monday, rather than feeling like it is taking charge of me!

And, today kicks off Gratitude Week with Michelle GD! Look for gratitude to be woven through all my posts this week.

How was your weekend?

Knitting Ennui

Knitting Ennui

I have it bad.

Dissatisfaction? Yep.

Discontent from a lack of interest? Bingo.

I have got ennui in spades.

I am going to attempt to reverse this trend with Thing One, pictured above.

Joy? Oh, yes!

Enthusiasm? Absolutely!

I am so excited about this Honey of a cowl that I want it done yesterday and really I have plans to wear this on Sunday!

The knitting clock is ticking!!

Now, on to the Friday Linkage!

Mary Jane Mucklestone is getting top billing today. Are you wondering why? This might just be Thing Two. Remember the frenzy that was the Bang Out a Sweater Phenomenon? Well, meet Sigla. I am looking at colors right now. Who’s in with me for Bang Out a Sweater, Part Deaux?

That is all I have for the week. I hope your weekend is FANTASTIC! Stay warm and I will see you back here on Monday!

On the Bright Side

On the Bright Side

Thank you Trader Joe’s for having the most beautiful harbingers of spring and at the most reasonable price.
Regularly scheduled knitting has resumed since the Bang Out has been completed.
The only problem is, I really just want to bang out another sweater… Really, really bad.
I am going to try to distract myself with some weaving today. I really hope that works.

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