Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic. – Robin Sharma

Way back on June 1st 2015, I cast on eagerly with the many participants of Kirsten Kapur’s MKAL. I started off like a knitter on fire and kept pace with all the clues until clue #4 arrived. I knit about half of it and then Summer Busy kicked in high gear, and the knitting languished. Tucked away in a bag – out of sight, out of mind.

Enter Konmari.

Joy? Or no joy…

Well, how can this sunny yellow not bring joy. So, I picked up the knitting and forged ahead. I finished the body of the shawl quickly, and then began to knit with the yellow. I made a rather large mistake in reading the pattern so I tested my knitterly skills by threading a circular needle through – a rather bold lifeline – and ripped back to correct the mistake. I am glad I did, because I love how the mesh lace looks.

I had one small large problem during blocking – one that has never happened to me before. I am not sure if I missed stitches during the knitting or if a strand of yarn broke. I had a small large moment of panic but, I put the loose stitches on a stitch marker on and hoped for the best.

Once dried, I transferred the stitches to a needle and reknit them as best I could. The repair is not perfect, but I do not think it is all that noticeable when you are not focused on the mending.

This finish, while late, feels epic indeed, and after yesterday’s frogging – an epic finish was definitely in order.

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