This week went by at warp speed. It seems like it was just Monday and, blink, here it is Friday already.

Spring is still springing even with a couple of good frosts that we had here this week. I think it helped this bush stay in bloom – although the high winds of yesterday are making it “snow” petals now.

I am itching to get in the garden, but I will settle for taking a stroll through a couple of greenhouses instead. I saw these on Pinterest and we are now reconsidering potatoes again this year. They took up so much garden space last year – potato bags might be the perfect alternative! Have any of you tried them? Good? Bad? Please share!

I also have the urge to Bang Out A Sweater after seeing this on IG and Ravelry yesterday – I may have picked out colors… A lace-weight sweater might be perfect for summer. Who’s in with me??

I hope your Friday is awesome and it ushers in a weekend of perfection.

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