We had a bit of a wonky weekend – Steve had a work function Friday and Saturday, so there was no usual Happy Hour. It made for weekend that did not feel like a weekend at all, but I did get some reading and knitting done.

Drinking: Iced Coffee – warmer weather makes me very glad because I really love iced coffee to start my day.

Watching: Game of Thrones (along with the rest of the world, I am sure!) and Call the Midwives. Two shows that are the exact opposite of each other, and I love them both!

Contemplating: The Me Made May phenomena – I consider myself a serial maker. I have been a maker as long as I can remember but, do I need a month to point that out to the world around me (or at least my Instagram feed!) I don’t want to take any of the wind out of the sails about those participating, but I think that helping new makers along their way is the approach I would rather take. So, I am going to commit to fostering new makers in their journey and there is a group at my church who want to learn to knit so I am going to help them. Hopefully, by the end of May there will be a new flock of knitters in the Pittsburgh area!

Knitting: Socks, Pincha, and using some stash to knit along with Simone (OwlCat Designs) in her wedding shawl knit-along.

Cooking: All things asparagus – and it is so good! Grilled, roasted, in stir fry, and I am going to try this recipe for Asparagus Pizza!

Anticipating: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Steve and I are going for the day on Saturday (he is thrilled beyond believe, I assure you!!) I will try to foster his excitement during the week so that he enjoys himself (oh the food! and the sheep!) I might challenge him to a little photo contest, which I am sure he will win!

Planting: Our “safe to plant date” is Mother’s day, so I will be getting more plants in the garden very soon! I have been watching Mr. Knitspot expand his garden beds with great interest. Gardening and the expansion of the garden is one area that Steve and I are in complete agreement on!

That is all I have for this list filled Monday, but tell me – what “right now” thing are you loving?

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