The week is ending on a very good note (especially since it began on Thursday night!)

While I have not seen any butterflies at all in the last week or so (like the beauty above from last year’s visit to Ohio Pyle) I have seen some curious (and brave!) bees in the flower beds in the past couple of days! It seems they sleep on flowers! There is your fun fact for the day!

Mr. or Ms. Bee was still there in the morning when I had Sherman out. I was happy to see they made it safely through the night! I guess I won’t be tearing out these flowers anytime soon – I did not know I was running a Bee Hostel! LOL
Insects aside, my list is looking very good with only the Tomatillo Salsa left to finish, which will be done shortly!

Hopefully today I will find some time to get the body done on my Sigla! I only have about three inches to go and I can begin the sleeves!

Now how about a few (sadly very few this week) Friday Links:

Kelbourne Woolens is doing a very interesting series on swatching.

That is all I have for today. Have a fantastic weekend and see you back here on Monday!

P.S. Are any of you thinking of participating in NaBloPoMo? It is curious that I have heard (nor read) nothing about it at all. But, I am in… are you?

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