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My Dearest Autumn,

The seasons may change, but my heart remains true. It is you I love most of all.

Your slow sunlit days that are heady with change. When you begin to paint the trees with shades of crimson, gold, and ginger – creating a feast for my eyes.

You make the grey day glow and the sunny day is beyond all imagination, thanks to the vibrancy of your chosen color palette.

The nights you bring can be warm and sweetly mild – in Autumn Summer’s sweet embrace. Or they can be crisp and cool that are the perfect partner to a roaring fire.

You entice me to sip Manhattans with their smoky warmth.

And, when the falling leaves create a carpet so glorious on my lawn – I know you time here is fleeting.

My greatest joy is to savor you completely, because when you are gone it is you I miss most of all.

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But, really, won’t you share what you love about fall?


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