“Escapism is survival to me. – Johnny Depp

Yes. Yes, it is. And, in these trying days – it is one thing that is helping keep my sanity (even if it is just hanging on by a thread)

Knitting on Rock the Lobster has resumed – I am into sleeve two decreases and it is moving along nicely. Escapism knitting FTW!

In the mindless – meditative knitting category – Deep Sea Jelly Fish Cowl is moving slightly less quickly. Meditation these days is a challenge – it is strangely easier to forget if I am focused on the pattern and counting. But those colors…

Reading is the best form of escapism that I know and I am about half way through The Secret History and while I am not certain this is the best escape – it is so well written and I really am loving this book. I have a list of things on hold at the library and I am in the ‘what if they all are available at the same time’ phase. Yeah, I hate when that happens!

That is all I have today – I am off to my little escapist world. Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Joining Ginny with her Yarn Along this week!

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