For a weekend in which we had no plans, we sure as heck did lots of things!

Saturday, I went to my local Huddle and let me tell you this – when you find your people, it is so INSPIRING!!

Then Steve and I walked at the mall – because well, rain made it nicer to be dry inside. Bonus, a 1 Day Macy’s Sale scored a new suit for Steve.

We stopped by the “new” Whole Foods near us to see what all the hype was about. Sushi and Lobster tails somehow fell into our cart. And, maybe 2 donuts…

Then there was a massive joint Kon-Mari-thon for the remainder of the day on Saturday and half the day on Sunday. Sometimes you need to Kon-Mari with someone else, to help you over those rough patches – you know those “it does not spark joy, but…” moments.

I even managed to get half way through Clue #2 of TTL’s MKAL – one sock down, one to go! And, there was even some stitching time!

There was a quick trip to TJ’s and Steve got me a couple of bouquets of daffodils. This morning their sunny faces sure made it feel cheerier than a typical February grey Monday in Pittsburgh. AND Monday is not quite so painful knowing that this is only a 4-day week.

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