Well, there has been some unraveling here this week…

I picked up stitches and in my stitch picking up zeal, I picked up a few too many and when I checked my band, it was just a bit too ruffle-y. So, back to stitch pick up for me! There is no way in hell that this is a 4-day knit yet, ever the glutton for punishment, I am going to knit a second one as soon as this one is done. Hopefully, this will be done by Monday and I will begin next week!

Oh, and while I am unraveling, I think my bind off might be just a bit too tight (who knew “bind off with medium tension” would be so challenging!) but rather than fuss over it when I wear it, I will take it out and bind off again. This will be happening this morning, when all is quiet here and there are no interruptions!

Now, on to the reading (which is going much better than the knitting, really!!)

I have three books to share with you this week! I know! Crazy!

  1. The Hanging: EXCELLENT!! I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads! From the opening chapter to the last, this book kept me engaged and the writing is excellent! From the unfolding of the crime to the work of Simonsens’ team in solving the crime, I felt like I was part of the team! The evidence is pieced together slowly and methodically and feels incredibly realistic! I won’t share more, to not spoil the book because I highly recommend this book!
  2. The Other Einstein: I gave this book 4 stars, which is a very good review – I would have given it 5 stars, but I wished that the ending was better. However, reality for Mitza was the ending…it was so very heartbreaking and sad. I loved the look into what education might have been like for women in the early 1900’s in Europe. The book is well-written, engaging, and thought provoking. I strongly recommend reading it!
  3. Lincoln in the Bardo: Oh.My.Gosh!! Wow!!! This is a 5-star book all the way!! This book was simply fantastic and it falls into the “must listen” category for me. The narration is simply amazing! Once I started listening, I could not stop! This book made me laugh out loud and at times, cry! Do not miss listening to this book! GO and get it! Really!!

I am currently listening to On the Road by Jack Kerouac and I am almost done reading The Zookeeper’s Wife. My bingo card is looking mighty fine so far this summer!!

What about you? What’s really excellent in your world right now?

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