You all have no idea how hard it is to turn the calendar page this month. I am really not ready for this year to be over, but despite my best efforts it is speeding by at what feels like warp speed.

But, here we go, and this morning kicks off NaBloPoMo and I am ready and excited for it! I think I figured out my Saturday conundrum and I am even excited about it! My morning meditations in which I savor my coffee and write a bit in my journal have become the best thinking time of the day.

But, really – are you wondering where the books are? What am I knitting? Me too! LOL

It was a very good reading month, but I had hoped to finish up a couple more books than I did. My own self-imposed goal, but still, I had lots of good reads in October!

I finished listening to Little Fires Everywhere and wow! Great title and a great story. I gave it 5-stars and you can read my review on Goodreads here.

I am currently spending my time listening to HRC read What Happened to me. I am about halfway through and I love it.

I am almost done with Viveca Sten’s Tonight You’re Dead, which I think is her best book yet in the series! (The entire series of these books are free on Kindle Unlimited!)

I also got a real book from the library – one that I had been on the waitlist for some time! I am about halfway through and the Department Q team led by Carl Mørck is excellent! This is book 7 in the series and if you have not read any of the Department Q books, I highly recommend!

On the knitting front, I am back working on the shawl that just won’t end, but I have “made the turn” and now the rows are getting shorter, not longer. This is a very good thing and I am really ready to have this done! It is not at all portable, but makes an awesome lap blanket for “TV knitting time”.

I also started a sleeve for my Rusty and it is HUGE although my gauge has not changed at all. So, it went to time out for a bit while I mulled over a solution or a work around. There is no “frogging” of this yarn, so I considered starting the second sleeve on a MUCH smaller needle to see what that does. Or maybe bracelet length sleeves, or perhaps even better – three-quarter length sleeves. I compiled my options and emailed Mary which led to a bit of FaceTime in which a solution was found! Thank you Mary for your most timely help! Three-quarter sleeves it is!

There you have my reading and knitting for the week. But, what about you? What are you making or reading this week?



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