After a slew of too hot days, this morning dawns with relief – the temperature has significantly moderated. The AC has been turned off and the windows are opened wide to let in the breezes and the sounds of the birds and the cicadas.

Summer is at its best and that is most joyous!

My garden has been a source of perpetual joy; however, it has had a bit of a learning curve as well. We had hopes that the zucchini would thrive in the bag beds, but they are not. Of course, it does not help that the bunny has helped himself to the blossoms and I think that our zucchini harvest is over for the season. But, the tomatoes are going gangbusters! Last year we got a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, but only had a “so-so” harvest of ‘regular’ tomatoes. Not so this year, I have dozens of full-sized tomatoes growing  as well as oodles of cherry tomatoes.

Knitting has also been a source of joy this month. I finished a sweater and will finish a second before month end. I will also finish Kirsten Kapur’s MKAL – I finished clue 4 yesterday and began clue 5. I am a tiny bit concerned that I will not have enough yarn to finish the bind off, but I will have a better idea once I weigh my yarn after this repeat is done.

Reading is perpetually joyful, but this month it has been decidedly so! I have finished 7 books thus far, and will finish 2 more before month end as I am almost done with Dandelion Wine and Beartown! This will put me one book ahead of my reading challenge for the year. And, that is a very good thing!

What has brought you joy this month?

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