Hello Unravelers!

I am sorry this post is so late today, but I have been working on a new project which has been consuming lots of my “brain time” as well as available hours in the day time. Now, this is not at all a bad thing and I feel very blessed and so excited to be working on this new venture. But, I found myself entirely exhausted and my post today is a bit of a reflection of that.

Knitting continues to be the best balm of all every day (however, I confess I am a day or two behind on my daily stitching and my plan is to remedy that today!) But, as you can see – there was steeking last night! That’s right, at Knit Night at my local library, I shared how entirely not scary steeking is. I need to graft the underarms and then steam the fronts to prep them for button band pick up but, I am entirely THRILLED with this sweater! I was worried it was going to be way too small, but it fits beautifully!

The next sweater’s yarn is waiting in the wings, I have my swatching yarn out and ready to begin. It is the Autumn of Lopi for sure around here!

My reading has slowed a bit, which is also in direct correlation to my new project. However, I must finish up A Gentleman in Moscow today. It is due back tomorrow and I only have about 4 hours of listening time left so, thankfully, this in an entirely do-able task.

I put a Net Galley book aside when I got Ali Smith’s Autumn: A Novel from the library. This was not a difficult decision as I am not liking the Net Galley book at all and discussed with Bonny what to do when you could not did not want to finish a book. I have been debating this in my head and think that I will just “pound it out” on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to get it done.

But, look at this stack of books that I have recently gotten from the library!! Oh.My.Gosh. So much goodness here.

What are you reading or making this week?

P.S. Are you a spinner? Do you want to weave? Go check out Beth’s Blog today because she is having a giveaway for her first Spin & Weave Along!

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