The weather did indeed cooperate for a few brief moments yesterday and with that lull in the rain we scurried outside to grab a few photos.

Carbeth in all her glory! I absolutely love the tunic changes I made to the pattern, but the collar… not so much. I fussed with it all day yesterday and then I saw some of these examples (like this and this) without the fold over neck and an idea was hatched. THEN, Carbeth as a Cardigan was born! I love her idea of the fold over neckline, which will give it some additional stability, which my sweater needs I think, as she is a bit weighty. I love the length, I love the yarn, and once I change the neckline, it will be perfect! Now to figure out a yarn for the cardigan version! What a perfect “uniform” that is!

Other than that, it was a whirlwind week with too much stuff going on and I am more than ready for the weekend! And, I fear that it will just fly by as well with it being of a “normal length”! Boo!

Now, how about some links to close out this week?

First up, a new issue of Laine Magazine is out and it is filled with all kinds of great things!

I really love Harmony!

In case you, like me, have lopapeysa’s on the brain: Hjarta Lopi and Dreyma

Need a diversion to transition into spring? Romi’s Mystery Shawl begins April 6 and you can get a kit here, there are currently still a couple left!

Sudden Bliss is stunning!

Pussy Hat creator Kat Coyle brings us Evil Eye Gloves!

But Tiriltunge Newborn Onsie, Nyfødtbody takes the cake for cuteness this week!

That’s all I have for this week! Have an amazing weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

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