I am joining with Carole and friends to share some things that sparked joy in my week this week! (And yes, I am totally borrowing this idea from Carole!)

Thing One:

My choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus on Sunday was the most joyful thing I did all day. (More joy, the pianist is a freshman in high school) Also, I am in the back row on the left side of the video as you look at it – you do occasionally get a glimpse of me – yes, I sing tenor! There are grandparents singing with their grandchildren, mothers and daughters, and our oldest member is 94 years young – it is the most joyful group of people I know and the joy of singing with them has overflowed to fill much of my week.

Thing Two:

This new video of Pittsburgh is so full of joy! I love living in such a welcoming city.

Thing Three:

Finally, this was in my feedly last week and I thought this could be fun and I would learn so much. But with the busyness of Easter I kind of forgot about it until Tuesday night when I mentioned it at knitting. And, the two knitters who are also quilters also thought that could be fun! The three of us are going to spend the summer working on the Summer Sampler together and that fills me with unbelievable joy. (And, if you want to jump on the Sampler Bandwagon – I would love your companionship!)

Those are my three most joyful things of this week. Be sure to go see what everyone else has on their list this week! What sparked joy in your world this week?

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