I am joining up with Carole and friends to share three things happening in my world this week!

Thing One:

Sometimes doing one thing leads to a another and sometimes it leads to a catastrophe! Case in point: Monday’s AC Check revealed an electrical disaster that resulted in the replacement of the weather head, all exterior wiring, the box for the AC unit, and a new electric panel in the house (which thanks to our Pittsburgh toilet** had to be relocated to a new location). These repairs coming on the heels of an extended vacation was such an awesome bonus…NOT!

Thing Two:

It is mid-May and I am sitting here writing this post wearing winter pajamas and a thick wool sweater. Mid-freaking-May (and that is not even talking about the amount of rain we’ve had!!) I would like to put my “cold weather” wardrobe away for the season…instead my closet has had an “all the seasons” bomb explode in it! However, the forecast looks like we are warming up over the next few days, so maybe some semblance of Closet Order can return, and I can finally put the winter wardrobe away. Fingers crossed!

Thing Three:

I see some sewing in my “weekend forecast” all because Rose is here! Coming up this weekend, a Capri muslin for starters and I am so excited!

Those are my things but, what about you? What things are in your world this week?

**thankfully our Pittsburgh Toilet is not just a toilet sitting in the open in the basement – there has been a bathroom constructed around it, lol.

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