Some weeks, I wonder what on earth will I write about and suddenly, all sorts of things fall into place!

Ravelry brilliantly continues to amaze with this week’s update to their previous update.

I had so hoped to finish my second Screen Door but instead I only reached the apex on Sunday – the last rows were slow going, not because the knitting is difficult, but rather my time was occupied by other pressing things. (Namely: weeding, ‘last of the strawberries’ jam making, and ‘the first Cherries are in’ Clafouti making!) But, I am back on track and I only have about 10 repeats of the pattern until bind of, so it will be done very soon!

On Monday I sewed up another Esme Tunic and I love the little details of it! I lengthened it a bit so I can wear it either as a dress or with leggings and I love the sleeve details! I used the selvedge as the hem! Also, rather than put the pockets on the front, I put the pocked on the side seam line and I like this placement much better. This color will work well into fall here in Pittsburgh, so I see this getting a good bit of use between now and October!

I am just a bit in love with these sleeve edges!

I love how the Handmaiden Sea Silk looks with the linen!

The pockets are also handy yarn cake holders as well!

I had truly hoped to get through Middlemarch by today. I am close, but not quite finished. I have about 2 hours of listening time before I reach the end. However, I was happy to see I had read 13 books in June which makes me very happy!

I also selected the book for my Classic you “should’ve read” square! A couple of weeks ago, Kym posted a link with some very interesting classics you should read, and I picked one from that list. I was thrilled that my library had a copy of Zitkala-Sa’s American Indian stories, legends, and other writings. I am about halfway through it and I am entirely enthralled. However, it is slow reading because there is so much to take in and to think about!

I also have had two more bingo books come in from the library – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and A Tale of Two Cities are happily waiting for me when I finish Middlemarch. My card is moving along nicely, and I expect that next week I will have several finishes to share!

As always, if you wrote a post to share – please leave your link below! This is it for me this week, I will be back next Monday! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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