Joining together with Carole and friends this week again. And, I don’t know about you, but holy hell this been the week of all.the.horrific.things!

My things this week, have been things to pick me up…and I hope they do you too!

Thing One:

This week I discovered #tinypricks on Instagram. Stitchers might just be the most brilliant people ever! (And, my inner juvenile laughs hilariously at the hash tag…)

Thing Two:

Speaking of Instagram, @ladydyeyarns shared this awesome support list! I do not consider myself an “influencer” but I absolutely believe we should all support these businesses!

Thing Three:

Finally, because in this week of hell I have looked to James Baldwin for hope and wisdom and I stumbled across this article that is full of both of those things! I watched the video and I agree that James Baldwin is still very relevant today and I will leave these words here. I will be spending some uncomfortable time pondering them today.

There are my things… what about you? Do you have any things that are helping you get through this week?

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