We have sadly arrived at the time of the year when getting good photos is challenging at best! We are in the midst of a dreary week sans any sunshine at all, so I apologize in advance for the poor lighting! However, the third time was absolutely the charm for my slipper making scheme. My son does not read my blog, so I am safe sharing them with you all here today! I made one key change to the pattern directions – I swapped out W&T short rows with German short rows with much better results. (And by much better, I mean results with no holes!)

I have breathed a sigh of relief that I finished these and they will be shortly on their way to Michigan! They are not quite dry, but I am hoping they will be in the morning and I can then wrap them up! As a tiny reward for persevering through this challenging pattern, I cast on Renovare socks on Tuesday night! I am using Tuku Sock yarn… oh my. It is so lovely! I am also trying these socks with the “magic loop” method. This is not how I usually knit socks… but I am giving it a try. As you can see – I am still doing the ribbing, but it felt good to cast on something new!

Reading has been good, but slow going and I have 2 finishes this week:

Ann Cleeve’s Cold Earth was very good. The writing was excellent, and this series just gets better with each book. 4-stars.

Alice Hoffman’s The World That We Knew. I loved this book! Every.single.word. Magic, realism, golems, life, and death are all beautifully woven together! This story touched me deeply and there were so many parts that will stay with me for a very, very long time. 5-stars and I highly recommend! (FYI, I listened to the audio version read by Judith Light of One Life to Live fame – there were times that I struggled with listening to “Karen Wolek” read, however I changed the speed and that helped!)

I am at the point that I am looking at my reading challenge and realizing that it is unlikely that I will hit that goal. I don’t know how close I can get, but I am really not sure if that goal even matters.

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