October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins. O autumn! O teakettle! O grace!
Rainbow Rowell, Attachments

Hello dear October… long have I loved you! The show you put on for all the world to see with chilly mornings, changing leaves, that first frost you wish for to kill the plethora of mosquitos… writing all these things down seems a bit silly with the return to summery 80’s we have forecast for this week, but a girl can dream… right?

I confess, I do like the return of a bit of pumpkin spice…although I prefer my own to the über sweet versions found at the drive-up coffee spots. All summer long I drink iced coffee… but I love the return to chilly mornings with a steaming mug of coffee with frothed milk and a dollop of pumpkin spice to sweeten it just the slightest. Oh, October… you delight me!

I also love the change of meals that happens this month! Give me chili, spaghetti, and yes… even a good pea soup with a crusty loaf of bread!

But I do have some things that need to be accomplished this month! And despite the shortness of the list…it is a LOT to complete this month!

  1. An anxiously awaited vacation to Erie! Woot!
  2. Plant! All! The! Bulbs!! This will be the most daunting task of the entire month… sigh. (The order has shipped… on an actual ship and has reached the “due in port” status this morning! I don’t expect them before we leave for Erie.)
  3. Sew… yes, this is a hold over from my September list. I have two tunics to sew.

A short, but very full list!

What about you, what are you most excited for October to bring?

See you all back here on Wednesday!

Image from Jessica Lewis.

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