Has an extra-big list!

Yes, that is what my Monday is looking like. My list is long… as it looks like it will be much cooler this week than we anticipated. So just to be safe, I am prepping some warmer coats, hats and yes… mittens! Ha! My mantra is there is no bad weather only bad clothing choices! I am also making the suggestion to Steve that he pack some things to keep warm and maybe this year he will listen! Ha!

On top of my usual Monday List,  I am thinking about Indigenous People’s Day and I looked over the weekend for a list of books to read…and yay New York Public Library! Of course they have a list! I have read some of the books, but there were a good number I have not!

Finally, Israel is also very much on my mind this morning.

Now, I better get to that long list! See you all back here on Wednesday!

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