Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

For me, this is the Day Before Vacation and so I have a bit of housekeeping to share with you all. First, next week there will be an Unraveled post… it will be a bit different… i.e. I have it already written, so there won’t be much from me on the making or reading, but I know you all probably have been making and reading lots, so please share!

The only other post I have pre-planned is for Bonny’s Gathering on Poetry, which is the 19th.

Outside of those two posts, it will be radio silence here, but I will try and post some things on IG to share the glory that is autumn on Lake Erie!

My making this week had a bit of a detour! The call of The Gnome was strong and I went with the flow…

Gnatalie Queen Cole

Meet Gnatalie Queen Cole! She is the alto for my little gnome quartet… but she missed the part that the alto is not the diva… because she is all diva! She sort of reminds me of Charlie Brown’s curly haired girl…except more! Her dress has some sparkles and she loves how it gleams in the spotlight!

I followed this pattern for the her…but I knit 10 more rounds on the dress before I began the ruffle. Her hair is the beard from this gnome… again, I knit roughly 18 more “straight” rows before beginning the decreases. To get the best curls, I washed and “set” them before unraveling. I think she is just too fun! Now all they need is the tree to sing around!

The other detour was The Spinning of the Scrappy Sock fiber… oh my. I just could not stop! And once I had two full bobbins, I could barely wait for the second bobbin to rest before plying it up! It has had a bath and I am In. Love! Oh my… This is the most fun I have had in forever! It is thicker than my usual spin… it is roughly between DK and worsted weight! Two ply with all the glorious barber-poling one could imagine! And soft! Oh my… it is so soft! I am thinking this will be the perfect Honey Cowl. I have just over 400 yards, so I will have enough to cast on 180-ish stitches.

A riot of color!

Such delightful detours! But let’s get back on track and talk about my reading! It was a delightful week of reading! I finished Tracy K. Smith’s To Free the Captive which will be published November 7th. It is beautiful writing (as one would expect from a poet) and the story is a bit of Tracy’s history and it is told so beautifully. One phrase has stayed with me and will likely for a very long time… The Free and the Freed. Powerful phrasing!

I also have been racing through the second Marlow Murder Mystery… it is even better than the first! I should finish it up today. (and then my vacation reading will slow dramatically… although I just began reading Old God’s Time last night … so no thoughts yet!)

But what about you? What is occupying your time?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

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