It has been a very chilly week here in my corner of the Burgh… the frosts have come (as did one morning with a dusting of snow!) This weekend we are supposed to be a bit milder so I am hoping to get the remainder of my bulbs in. This is my first time planting any bulbs and confession time… I much prefer warmer weather to be in the garden!

I have just a few of things to share with you all this week.

First up, I saw this post on Threads and I think his idea of practicing getting up from the floor as a game is a good idea. I am adding this to my “November List” of things… maybe you should too!

Anne Lamott wrote a beautiful opinion piece on the idea of “borrowed time” in the WaPo this week. It has stayed with me all week and I wanted to share her (profound) words with you all as well so I am gifting you the article, you can read it here.

Yesterday, I saw bits of an interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates which spurred me to find the entire interview. You might want to find a bit of time to watch it as well… as always, Coates has a way about him that makes me stop and think.

Finally, MY YARN ARRIVED for The Sweater! I need to find a spot of time to begin the swatch-o-rama! (My yarn choice? I went with Peace Fleece in the same color that Emily used… I do not have anything in my wardrobe like it and I am so excited!)

One large ball of Peace Fleece and four little bits that will soon be a gnome!

I am eagerly awaiting my class today… I wound some yarns and am ready to go!

See you all back here on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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