But there is always a November space after the leaves have fallen when she felt it was almost indecent to intrude on the woods…for their glory terrestrial had departed and their glory celestial of spirit and purity and whiteness had not yet come upon them. ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Windy Poplars

I stumbled upon this quote quite be accident… and what a happy accident that was!

November… space… pause… a bit of a breath… between the glory of the leaves changing (they are pretty much done here now) and winter. I need these words to remind me to revel in the “indecent” beauty of bare trees, crunchy leaves to walk through, and sunny days when the sun feels impossibly warm… reminding me that I should seek joy in what is around me… and not wish for things gone.

I also had a wise comment on IG after I posted that photo on Saturday night… mourning the last sunset after that will happen after 6PM until next March. Sigh.

Dear eence1979 shared these words of wisdom:

“I enjoy the darkness of winter—tucking in, wearing all knits and resting. Of course, finishing WIPS and starting new WIPS. It’s the Life Cycle.”

Thank you so much… I have requested Katherine May’s Wintering from my library! It will be a good refresher of all that winter can hold!

So what, dear November, do I hope to accomplish as you race along….

  1. A tiny bit of Thanksgiving decorating! (I am pulling out a few of my favorites this morning!)
  2. Cast on my Great Sweater Knit …. most appropriate for NaKniSweMo, right? (I knit my swatches… yes plural. Oh my! They are gorgeous and my plan is to measure them today and (hopefully) cast on!
  3. Create a successful Sourdough Starter! I have a new “helper” and I started my starter yesterday! Send me all the good Sourdough Juju you can my way please!
  4. Knit more Gnoah’s! Yes, class on Friday was so fun (and I can knit a Gnoah in roughly 3 hours!) An army of Gnoah Ornaments will soon be emerging!
  5. Finally… get outside! Often! With L.M. Montgomery’s words in my head… and heart!

What about you? What are your hopes for November!

See you all back here on Wednesday with a Swatching Story!

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