Greetings Unravelers!

It is mid-November and I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving! This month is just flying by.

I did not plan on disappearing on Monday, but Sherman was not feeling his normal perky self. He has      another ear infection and was very out of sorts. But we have seen the vet and he is on some new medications which seems to be working… so fingers crossed for him, please!

What one can do when one has an under the weather pup is sit (with said pup) and knit… which I did! I have been on The Island of Cabled Sleeves… and it is delightful! I have one sleeve done and I have cast on its mate! Although Sleeve One will likely go faster, I don’t think Sleeve Two will take much more time. And my measurements… well, they are in the “good to go” category! I love a sweater with a good measurement schematic! It makes knitting a garment that will fit a much better prospect!

And I am not thinking about easing that sleeve cap in to the shoulder… yet. For now, I am just basking in the joy of knitting! The pattern + the yarn = Knitting Nirvana!

I also began spinning a bit of fun fiber… although this is a super wash and it is so slippery to draft! I don’t prefer to spin with super wash fibers because of that, but these colors are just so vibrant! I am advance planning for a January knit (socks if I have enough yardage… a hat otherwise!) Something bright for the time of the year when everything is dull and colorless!

The reading this week has been good as well. I finished the latest in The Thursday Murder Club Mystery… The Last Devil to Die. It was so good! This installment allowed us to get to know the Club characters a bit more… and the more I learn the more I like them! (My new favorite is Ibrahim!)

I also finished book two in the Max Tudor series… it was very good I just burned right through it! (It was a marvelous companion for planting bulbs, just saying!)

I feel like I am plodding along in Russo’s Straight Man… but it is just not clicking for me. I am about halfway through and contemplating giving it up. While it is excellent at putting me right to sleep at night, I have a couple of new Netgalley books that I am itching to start… and I think I just talked myself into bailing on Straight Man.

What about you all… what are you reading that is keeping you up at night?!

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