Greetings dear Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

It has been a week with a good bit of actual unraveling here… sigh. Yes, on the Great Cabled Sweater… because of course. This time it is 100% knitter error… I somehow** skipped an entire section of the “straight” portion and went right on to the decreases. (Somehow** = the pattern author was lazy and instead of writing out instructions for the “right front” {which is a mirror of the left front, in theory, correct?} she has you follow the left front sort of. So you are shuffling back and forth between the fronts. Sigh.) I somehow** missed 16 rows of a repeat. So I ripped back on Monday and have not had much time to get myself caught up. All the shuffling means that this is not a good “TV” project. But maybe this afternoon I can catch myself back up!

However, the sock knitting… well it is going gangbusters! No unraveling, just the joy of pure mindless knitting!!

ALSO!! I have a new year-long stitch project to share with you. I spent a good bit of time in December thinking about stitching in the New Year. I knew I wanted to stitch, but I did not want to have to pull together all the “parts” to do so,  so a temperature project was out. Way back in 2018 I spent a year just stitching. I did a “sampler” each month. This was truly my favorite stitching ever… no pattern, no temperature tracking… just my own inspiration. I wanted to do something “like” that again… and I stumbled across Karen Turner on Pinterest and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to use her “starting point” for my inspiration. And so I began and I am loving it. I have one small space to fill each day and it is easy to get done with my morning coffee.

The reading is not going bad either, I have finished two (!!) books this year… Starter Villain and The Apology. And I am currently reading two more… I am listening to Somebody’s Fool (which I am loving despite not really caring for the second book in the trilogy) and on my Kindle I am reading The Caretaker.

What about you all? What are you making this month? What are you reading? Inquiring minds want to know!

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

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