Greetings Gentle Unravelers and Happy Wednesday to you all!

April showers are indeed showering here… it has been a rainy week. The grass is green and lush and if it would stop raining Steve would get the mower out… But it rains on so there is complaining… lots and lots of complaining! However, I have gotten very good at tuning him out! Hearing loss does indeed have benefits! Ha!

It has been a creative week here. I have a finished sock! I used a neutral for the heel and toes and I have to say that my “work around” for an afterthought heel makes the fit fantastic! I do some short rows before beginning the heel decreases. I used the decrease formula that the designer uses for the toes… and that makes for a nice fitting heel! Sock Two is underway… and I am having a thought that if I stay on this pace… I will knit 24 socks (12 pairs) this year! Okay… I am in! Haha!

I completed my 15th page in the 100 Day Project! This one was so fun… more time was used in the cutting out of the “chickens” so I compensated for that with simpler stitching.

March Stitching… what fun. This month I stepped out of my “stitch comfort zone” and learned new techniques, new stitches… and it was so fun!

March, done and dusted!

But!! The best I also have a Valkyrie! Yes, the “main” bit is finished. I still have arms and a nose to knit and two fat braids. But I am trying to figure out the best way to make a bit of “body armor”, a shield, and a sword! I have some ideas… now to just bring them to fruition!

A Valkyrie in the making!

The reading this week saw just one finish… but the in process reading is full of good things! I am listening to The Berry Picker and for the reading with my eyes selection… I am making my way through an advanced copy of a new Vera mystery. (My gosh… I do so love dear Vera!) And I have been reading LOTS and LOTS of poetry! Hurrah for National Poetry Month!

What about you? What are you contemplating as April begins to unfold?

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