Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

I am having a bit of a struggle settling back in to my normal routine… I feel like I am behind on everything (because I am!) and that is not a fun feeling at all.

One thing I did not bring on vacation was my Daily Stitching project… so I am working on trying to finish April and get May caught up. Thinking about trying is really the truth… I have not picked it up since I got home. There are more pressing things bumping that off the list!

Also… my knitting mojo has up and left. Gone. I barely knit on our trip. Barely. Like less than 3 rounds on a sock. Non-existent.

I ripped the *second* sweater start before leaving… the bump up size was not bumped up enough. The yarn is in time out.

I brought Steve’s vest thinking that would be good “round and round” knitting… but I made him try it on… and it was too big. I measured my gauge in the sweater and it was not at all the gauge of the pattern and when I got home I doubled checked my swatch and the swatch is on gauge, so my knitting changed…  argh! That is in time out as well.

I tried to pick up the sock last night, but I was not really feeling it at all.

But the garden beds have been weeded! My sourdough starter has been revved up and is now ready for baking again. And all the laundry is caught up! (I still have a stack of winter sweaters to wash and put away if it would ever stop raining….)

The reading has equally been sparse. My finishes were two books of short stories… but they were each so good. My current listen finds me back in St. Denis with Bruno as he solves a mystery! He is a good companion for garden weeding!

What about you all? What are you making… please inspire me to get back to knitting!

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