The knitting continues…

I am knitting frantically on the vest.  Each row completed is one closer to finish.  Not saying it is a race, but I do feel compelled to finish this – and soon!  I want to see if what is in my mind’s eye will be what the finished product looks like. 

I feel a bit like Kramer from Seinfeld – remember the boxers or briefs episode?  Well…. I am feeling a bit like Kramer right now and soon we will find out if I can come sliding in here on Monday letting you all know that I am “lovin’ every minute of it”! 

I am not an adventurous knitter – oh, I knit things that are adventurous, but I knit them as the pattern tells me to.  With little or no variation.  Yep, I am an “in the box” kind of knitter. 

That is strange, because if you know me at all – you’d say that I was an “out of the box” kind of person.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I will pick up an extra stitch or two from the heel flap when I am making socks (to get rid of the hole, right?) and an extra stitch or two when knitting mittens (same hole!).  But, I don’t vary much more than that from a designer’s pattern.  I figure that they know immensely more than I do – especially about knitting! 

I mean, truthfully gentle readers, I just figured out gauge swatches!  I know – duh! 

And, there is still all the mystery of positive and negative ease. 

So, I am knitting away on this vest – from this picture I have in my mind… scary stuff, I am telling you. 

It is a good thing I am a process knitter – rather than a product knitter. 

That way if I have to head to the Frog Pond I won’t be devastated!

Okay – that is enough of a break for me – back to the needles!

Hello, My name is Kat and I am a Knitting Enabler….

It has been less than 24 hours since I enabled another knitter in casting on something new….

It is a good day to stay indoors – being as it got to a whopping 11 degrees outside today!

I think it is even too cold to take photo’s to show you all the snow we have been getting.

So, I stayed in and knit.

Except I have knit nothing that I said I was going to….

I have to blame all this on my friend Marie who cast on this on Friday.

Yes, you guessed it – it was not long and I had found some lovely Classic Elite Gatsby that I had purchased on sale last year sometime.  I bought all the skeins they had left – 8 lovely skeins of gray slubby yarn.

Now the pattern required a gauge swatch – and some math.  None of this is a daunting task – especially when you are knitting on a 10 1/2!  Quick, right?

So, I am knitting away – knitting and knitting and knitting away.  And, I am not loving the pattern – I think the sleeves will be incredibly bulky with this yarn.  And, being that this is knit sideways – I am thinking that the arm holes are not deep enough.  And, I am really not loving how the neckline is looking, or how the  shoulders will join.  And, I don’t really think the sweater is going to be long enough – it is hitting me at the “wrong” spot.  So, as I am knitting – I am making all kinds of changes – and I am going to add a placket at the shoulder – a much nicer way to join the shoulders.  And, no sleeves – a vest.  With i-cord around the edges.  And, I am adding a border to the bottom….

I think this is turning the knitting corner for me.  A big corner!!!

Stay tuned for Monday – I am sure I will have it done…

And, I think that this is totally fair since I passed the “cast-on bug” to Chris – I am ready for a 12 step stitch program….

Frigid Friday

BRRRRRR!  It is cold outside, gentle readers!  And, we have even colder weather headed this way for the weekend! 

Temperature currently 22 degrees Fahrenheit – wind chill 5.

Yeah – cold! 

Usually Lake Michigan keeps us a bit warmer in our winter months, but our fabulous friends to the north in Canada have sent this delightful blast of winter on to us.  Now, I am all for sharing – but frigidy cold weather – not so much!

A good weekend to stay indoors, knitting and spinning!

On my plate – finishing up some lingering projects – hopefully I will have some FO photos for your enjoyment on Monday.

Oh – and I am in the process of doing a bit of redecorating around the blog.  Stay tuned for more changes and updates!

Stay warm and have a good weekend all!

I was never a wife of Henry VIII

I was never a wife of Henry VIII

But, I do have a Tudora obsession!

A knitting lesson for you all … when you cannot sleep Tudora is the answer!

Insomnia + Elizabethan Brilliance (add in some Aurora 8 Italian Merino from Karabella yarns for good measure) and the outcome will be one that is most pleasing!  I love the color, it is so soft and snugly around my neck, and I am casting on another one tonight.  Sleep will hopefully not be as elusive as it was last night!  I love this – althougth for the next one I am using some Donegal Tweed that I have in my stash. 

It was Knit Nite – stubborn as I am – I brought my wheel.  NaSpiMoMo is half over and I am finding my spinning skills are improving with my daily ritual!  I have almost a full bobbin of some lovely blue/green/purple wool spun up! 

I purchased the button and modeled Tudora for the group and Blogless Sue was less than impressed.  She wanted it to be symmetrical – the asymmetrical beauty of it was lost on her.  She tried all evening to “fix it” and complained about my penchance for lopsidedness.  I shared with her how truly lopsided my life was and that this somehow was the perfect balance for it!  We all laughed and lopsided comments kept the laughter going. 

The laughter was a good fit for my week, a much needed commodity. 

Taking a page from Chris, it is truly a blessing to get together with women during the week.  Their warmth, love, and laughter are a balm for my soul. 

Have a peaceful evening everyone!

It's a doggy world!

It's a doggy world!

Hello Everyone! 

Happy Wednesday to all of you! 

Winter is rolling right along here in West Michigan – and we have some storms looming on our weekend horizon.  This is all wonderful, except after next week I will be traveling in to Grand Rapids every day for school!  So, a bit less of the wintry, white kind of precipation would be awesome – or at least not the icing up the road kind.

And, yes, you read that right!  The State of Michigan has finally pulled it together and I am enrolled in school for my start to my new career!  Shortly, I could be coming to a hospital near you to take care of you!! 

I said to a friend on the phone this morning – I am finally on the path!!! 

So, poor Copper and Penny will no longer have mom home all day (or most of the day) with them. 

Look at those faces (if they did not chew on their ears, they’d be perfect!)…. awww, what do you mean mom – why won’t you stay here with us???

We’ll just have to love each other then….

Have an awesome Wednesday!  Share the love today, gentle readers!

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