Sometimes Monday | 6.7.21

Sometimes Monday | 6.7.21

Is time for a big brain dump! I spent lots of time thinking this weekend… about so many things! And yes, I even managed to get some sleep! Thank goodness!! And!! I found some impatiens! (Go Home Depot! lol) There was lots of outdoor work…perfect for thinking and thinking and more thinking!

Some topics percolated to the top of the thought process often and that is what I am sharing today… Hot topics, one and all!

To Mask, or Not to Mask….that is the question! Pennsylvania “opened up” completely last weekend…but what does that actually mean in Masking Life? For me… not much. Over the weekend we did some shopping We went to the state store to get some bourbon (priorities, people!) and the sign on the door asked people to please wear masks. No problem… I had mine on as did every other customer and employee. And then comes the Maskless Woman… you could watch people move away from her as she navigated the store. It was comforting knowing that I wasn’t the only person who was a bit concerned because in my mind the Maskless Woman was not thinking about anyone but herself and I figured she was not vaccinated either (because you know I judge people…especially when I shouldn’t!) We also went to Home Depot and inside was a mixed bag of masks versus no masks (even employee’s were a mixed bag of wearing/not wearing.)

I also went to physical church this weekend where, despite state guidelines, we are not at full capacity and masks are required for entry! But we sang two hymns (masked) and it felt so good. There was even a baptism! And yes, that made me even happier that we were all masked and distanced from that wee little baby! Which brings me to what I have been thinking about….even though Allegheny County has had less than 50 new cases of COVID a day for several weeks, there is still a large segment of the population that are not yet vaccinated. I know that you all might have different opinions on this and that is okay. But for me…until it is safe for ALL… I am happy wearing my mask and going back to what Dr. Fauci said at the beginning of this nightmare… I wear my mask to keep YOU safe.

The Great Hair Debate is my next hot topic… or should I say Hot Mess Topic! Because that is what my hair feels like most of the time these days… but what do I actually want to do with it? Trim and keep growing? Throw caution to the wind and!? Or take a safer route and go for something a little shorter but not all.gone. Who knew that after all this time, I’d actually be afraid to go the salon because doing so would mean I’d have to make an actual decision! My plan is to spend some time surfing the Pinterest Hair Boards for inspiration that will move me beyond Hot Mess Hair Days!

The Close Second Hot Topic involves makeup… I have not worn any makeup for so long… I mean 18-ish months long! (And a couple coats of mascara for Zoom absolutely does not count…) Going “out into the world” in Pre-Pandemic Times took some time… moisturizer, foundation, powder, under eye cream, blush, eyeshadow, and yes… some color on my lips. Enter Pandemic Days and the Great Break from that entire routine. My days were so simple… moisturizer and sometimes mascara. That was it. And I think my skin loved the break as well. Then “Gradual Re-Entry” began and so did the make up ordeal… which is exactly what it felt like after so many months of no makeup – an ordeal. Plus… did any of you forget exactly how to “do” makeup? Yeah, me too. But try I did… more than once and my skin absolutely did not like the old routine… at all! So I am rethinking my “idea” of what looks “good” when going “out into the world.” Why is this requiring so much thought? Well, years of the belief that you did not leave the house without “your face on”…am I right?  Except there’s this…I don’t know what to say about myself if I think that all those steps mean I look better than I do with a clean face…and that is the saddest commentary there ever was! Am I comfortable in my  own skin… yes, I think so… but being comfortable in just your own skin in public? Put that way it seems simple, but maybe what I need is just a simpler routine.

And there you have my Monday Brain Dump! What about you? What’s rattling around your brain right now?

Happy Monday everyone and I will see you all back here on Wednesday!



Sometimes Monday… | 5.17.21

Sometimes Monday… | 5.17.21

…is a respite from The Very, Very, Incredibly Busy Weekend.

It was full. So full.

My weekend started with some al Fresco-soak in the sunshine-sip a couple of beers dining. Yes, sunshine!! Temperatures that were well above freezing! Gosh, it felt so good and was the perfect way to welcome the weekend!

Saturday we headed out to find some asparagus (we didn’t) and get plants for both the flower containers and the vegetable garden (we got a few…sigh). Our local vegetable/garden center was a huge disappointment. A huge, gigantic disappointment. They had plants… lots of the same kind of plants. Perfect if you want pink petunias in every container. Less than perfect if that was not the look you were going for. Oh… and there was not one single impatien. So… on my list this week is to get out to another greenhouse for some variety for our shaded patio!

The remainder of the weekend we spent working on some major changes to the current garden beds. We lost a couple of shrubs over the winter, which has given us the opportunity to rework a couple of garden beds. Plus I have a few things that needed dividing… and once we started, we just kept on going… until we were about ready to fall over on Sunday afternoon! (and no, we did not finish, but the remaining little garden beds just need a wee bit of weeding. Oh, and we need so.much.mulch…ugh)

So that brings me to Monday… my take a big breath and ease into a busy week day. On the top of my list is to give myself a little rescue manicure this morning. (a desperately needed manicure thanks to the weekend!)

And the only other thing on my list today is to put together a bag for tomorrow when I am helping at the polls for our election. It is an entirely local election for us this time and so it won’t be busy… (how sad is that!) I need to have some things to knit and some things to read so I need to get that sorted today.

I hope your Monday will be amazing no matter how many things you have on your list. I will see you back here on Wednesday (albeit a little later than usual) for some Unraveling!


Sometimes Monday… | 5.10.21

Sometimes Monday… | 5.10.21

  • arrives right on schedule despite a weekend of little sleep…courtesy of a returning bout of insomnia.
  • comes with a longer than usual to do list…courtesy of me ignoring things to sit and spin instead for most of last week.
  • shows up despite having done no blog post prep over the weekend (if only that single thing kept Monday’s from arriving, I’d make it a weekly thing! lol)

I’d like to say it was a great weekend but the weather was really horrid here in Pittsburgh. We had to have the heat on because it was so cold and damp in the house. And Mother’s Day had particularly miserable weather, but I did get some “sunny” phone calls.

If you are wondering how cold it was here this weekend, I took the iris photo on Saturday and it is still blooming this morning.

Things I did not do this weekend (or last week for that matter): laundry, kitchen floors, bathroom, thank you note writing, (or blog post writing…sigh.)

So here I am on a dreary, yet dry, Monday – list in one hand, an extra large coffee in the other…and maybe, just maybe, if I can get through that list a reward of an afternoon nap could be mine!

I hope your Monday is less full than mine and that your weekend was amazing!

See you all back here on Wednesday!





I have no idea who “Maxine” is, but boy this quote was my weekend! LOL (and who am I??)

I have been diligently working  through the #cleaningarmy Spring Cleaning Challenge List (A huge thanks to Kym for sending me their way!) and I worked away on the kitchen over the weekend, ugh. But boy is it sparkly this morning! Today I have arrived at the dreaded bathroom/bedroom portion of the task list. I am wondering how I ever really did this without a list… I was a haphazard spring cleaner at best!

A weekend of cleaning was not what I really wanted to do, but I was on a roll.

I did manage a bit of spinning though! Saturday afternoon I virtually-spun with Jane, Sarah, Eileen, and Eileen’s sister and finished up some lingering singles on my wheel and I did some plying on Sunday! (If you’d like to join us, you are welcome! The more the merrier!) I need to give these beauties a bit of a soak to see how the twist evens out, but I am happy with my results on this!

My treat for finishing the bathroom/bedroom will be to ply up those reddish singles so I can get started on the fiber they complement!

Happy Monday All!


Good Things for Monday | 3.22.21

Good Things for Monday | 3.22.21

Each morning I begin my day the same way…before I can just sit with my thoughts I take Sherman out. He is a fine and quiet companion in the early morning… and he does not mind my silence while I listen to The Writer’s Almanac podcast and this morning’s edition was just spectacular. It’s Billy Collins’ 80th birthday today and  if you want to listen to Garrison read a lovely Billy Collins poem you can do that here!

Listening to poetry really is a very good thing to start my day.

Another good thing I listened to this week was this episode of On Being. I think I knew some of these things, but boy did it help to hear someone talk about the stresses we’ve been living with… and how do we re-emerge when this is all over.

The On Being discussion on stress really helped in light of a conversation I had about gauge on Saturday with Sarah and Jane. You might have read about Kym’s gauge struggles so I felt a little déjà vu when I sat down to swatch for the Daytripper Cardigan… a MaryJane Mucklestone design… which, by the way, is the same gauge as 3 other MaryJane Mucklestone sweaters I had previously knit. I got gauge on each of them with absolutely no issues. This time? oh boy. I have a stack of swatches to show how I struggled with it!  First I thought just do some knitty maths and go with my original swatch… good in theory, but the maths and the sizing did not work out for me. End result, while I have not measured my last swatch this morning, pre-washing it was on gauge. That swatch? Knit with a US 11 needle… on the bright side, my sweater will knit up even faster now! So even in struggles as you work your way out good things can be found!

Another good thing was this photo my daughter shared… and I just laughed right out loud!

Vivi, the chicken wrangler!

Finally, buds are appearing on my forsythia and lilac bush in my yard. It makes me smile to see them! Happy Monday everyone! See you all back here on Wednesday!



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