The Best Thing

The Best Thing

It has been a rough couple of weeks at Casa del KatKnits – stress has been on overdrive in all aspects of my life.

However, then there is Sherman. Who greets me each day as if it is the best moment of his life and he has not seen me for ages! Which is hilarious, because he sleeps in the bedroom with us! Yet, each morning it is the same. This festival of good morning wiggles, snuggles, and puppy kisses.

He is the one constant in my day – he sleeps under my feet when I am at my desk.

If I am knitting, he is next to me.

When I cook dinner, he is laying on the kitchen rug – vigilantly watching for any morsels that might drop!

In short, he is my constant companion and simply, the best thing ever! He even is there when I am cleaning the bathroom, as the photo above shares.

And, really – that friend that stays with you when you are doing that, is really the best friend of all!

A Well Earned Day of Knitting and Reading

A Well Earned Day of Knitting and Reading

How ironic that yesterday’s post about things to calm me down would be needed the same day in full force!

Full. Freaking. Force.

The day did not start well, and I could feel the stress rising even after completing my morning meditation.

Does it seem to you that stress produces stress? My answer is a rousing YES!

And, to cap it off, after having recently frogged a good many WIP’s and having all this “wound yarn” lying around – I cast on Song of the Sea. How difficult can a cowl be, I ask you. Well, for me, apparently very. Yes, even after telling myself that casting on over 200 stitches to join in the round is the recipe for a Moebius – I made a Moebius…

A Moebius I that I, sadly, did not discover until I had completely knit the first pattern repeat.

Yeah. Color me a knitting genius!

Good thing my handspun is sturdy because it was frogged yet again.

Stress produces stress – I should have taken a page from Carole and done a bit of house cleaning instead.

Okay, maybe not! LOL

And today, I am feeling that stress trying to creep in around the edges and I am not going to give in to it! I am going to stay calm and carry on!

My solution for a bit of Calming Respite?

I am joining Ginny in her Yarn Along and making today all about knitting and reading.

Over the weekend I finished reading The Marco Effect – I thought it was a great read. Now, I am currently reading Raven Black by Ann Cleeves and so far, so good!

On my needles, I am still plugging away on this sock and doing some very belated birthday knitting (damned small needles and dark yarn!!) and last night I pulled out another OLD WIP (do you get bonus points for yarn maturation while knitting an object??), found were I was on the chart and knit a couple of rows before bed last night.

If anything is a confidence booster – it is picking up and ages old project and finding in a few minutes where you are on a chart. YES!! Moebius joins be damned!

Hopefully today’s knitting and reading kicks stress right out the door and perhaps helps me finish a project sans mistakes!

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