Hello Everyone!  Well, I am knitting and knitting and knitting – and there is a bit of spinning thrown in for balance.

I wanted to show you my Totally Tubular Edge – it is just so cool, dudes!  Thank you Ysolda! 

As you can see I am working away on Gretel.  I am almost done with chart #1 and skein #1.  This is a fun knit and great practice for cabling  sans cable needle!  I am loving this technique!  It makes cable knitting so much faster – and there is much less stretching out of the stitches with them hanging on a cable needle.  I hope to have this hat finished this week!

Next there is a May Day Sock Sway update.  Last time I had told you I had picked the pattern and the yarn.  Well, the yarn arrived – STR Mediumweight in Tanzanite.  This picture does not do the fiber justice at all – it is a deep, vibrant purple.  The pattern I selected is so appropropriate for me to send – after all I live in Holland – Chrissy Gardiner’s Twisted Tulip Socks from the latest IK issue is perfect. 


As you can see I have cast on and have about an inch of the cuff done.  The pattern is flowing right along.  I love how the twisted knit stitches stand out.  Those of you who are Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR fans will know that the yarn is perfect – soft and squishy.  Perfect for socks for my pal.  The chart would be a nightmare to read, but I recently got some highlighter tape – wow, that stuff rocks, gentle reader.  Totally rocks!

What else is on my schedule for the day?  Well, I have my state test tomorrow for my CNA certification – so I am doing a bit of review today!  I also have an orchestra concert to attend tonight – Heidi will be playing.  There is spinning tonight as well – let’s all hear it for how to juggle a hectic schedule.  I will go to the concert to listen to Heidi play her 3 songs – then head off with Alice in tow to spinning! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on how I did.  I will also have a big announcement coming soon – a long awaited big announcement.

Have a great Tuesday all.

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