Or, how summers long days seem incredibly short!

Hello Everyone! I am sorry I have been absent from blogging – it is not that I have not thought about blogging but, I have been at a distinct loss as to what to blog!

Work is going well – I am finding my rhythm each day and I am loving my job more and more!

Life at home, however, has not been flowing along as smoothly. With the Great Flood of ’08 came much disaster. Water in the lower level more than once, I am afraid to admit. That brought about the Great Insurance Company Debate and after they denied the claim the Flood Wars began. The Flood Wars raged on for several weeks, during which time the Great Purge began. Yes, getting rid of wet stuff, dry stuff that needed to go, finding new homes for things that I wanted to stay, and working on Project Organization. Purging is good for the soul, and I had to stop myself occasionally to keep things that I would want in a saner moment. Now, Flood Relief 2008 has arrived and the Rebuild Contingency will arrive in full force on Monday morning.

To say I am excited, would be an understatement. I am beyond excited!! Excitement will have a long way to go to catch up to me!

On top of all of that, I have been working on getting my butt signed up for school. I have been placed on the waiting list for the Nursing program at a local college. This will create some friction at work, but I think I may have worked out a solution that will work for both my employer and me. I will update you when I know how that is progressing.

To keep me sane and on a somewhat level keel, I have been spinning and knitting. I am working on several projects, which I rotate depending on my level of tiredness. I cast on Liesl when I saw Amy wearing it – I am working away on it. I am also working on another Clapotis and I fell in love with Hey Teach – so I cast that on as well. I am almost done with Hey Teach, it is a fast knit and I am knitting it in cotton – and hopefully will be able to wear it to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan! I have the back done and am almost done with the left front. I should have it finished later today! Then to cast on the right front and the sleeves!!

Yesterday, on a whim, a friend and I drove over to Howell to visit The Divine Miss Beth and commune with a wee bit of fiber. In the “Staycation” theme – this is a brief trip. There were some fun people there from RedfordPhyl to The Knitter Guy. It was a great day and not too costly in the scheme of things. I did get a wee bit of fiber to work on spinning. We had dinner in Fowlerville with some of Sandy’s friends, it was a raucous evening filled with great conversation, good food, cold beer, lots of laughter!

It shocks me that we are into August already! This summer is truly speeding by. Try and take some time to slow down and enjoy the weather!

I had better get back to the trenches – I am making Peach Blueberry Cobbler to bring to a friends house for dinner tonight. A sweet summer treat!

Have a great Sunday all!

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