All through this election season, the words of Martin Luther King Jr. have been echoing in my head. I asked myself repeatedly, had we finally gotten to the point that we could judge a man by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin? I wondered if my fellow American’s were seeing what I saw as the days of campaigning trudged on before us, a person who was literate, well-spoken, and insightful.

Imagine my surprise at an email I received this morning in which Michael Moore eloquently wrote that while racism is not gone from America, it is no longer the majority, and in my lifetime, I will see their flame of hatred extinguished.

Those are powerful words to be sure, Gentle Reader, very powerful words.

I would like to shake the media, however, as they seem so focused on race this morning on every media outlet, NPR included. If the media would have their way, we all will stay focused on the visual differences that create barriers rather than seeing with our hearts and minds.

I in no way mean to diminish the power of Mr. Obama’s incredible victory, in fact, just the opposite. I believe that by removing racial differences it makes his win even more incredible!

I watched with indescribable joy his acceptance speech in Grant Park last night and was in awe at the sea of diversity in the people that were there to share in his win!

I will leave you with MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech… yes, almost 18 minutes of it.

I am off to roll up my sleeves and get to work with Mr. Obama in ‘making every valley exalted, making mountains and hills low: the crooked straight and the rough places plain’.

Have a glorious day!

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