The Official End of Summer is upon us and I have heard many friends lamenting this fact.

However, for the Knitter – Labor Day Weekend brings the start of autumn and with it, Knitting Season and Knitters everywhere are pulling out wool socks, sweaters, scarves, wraps, etc. If they are not pulling them out, they are casting them on! Three cheers for cool nights and shortening days. I have been contemplating what next to cast on – I have several things that have caught my eye. I will keep you posted as to what is up next.

For me, autumn is my favorite time of the year. It is fleeting but I love every moment of it, from the start of leaves changing colors to the joy of cooking “cool weather” meals.

Therefore, to kick off the Un-Official start of fall, this weekend I made meat loaf. And, boy was it good! The aroma that filled the house was warm and welcoming. I used a new recipe from Tyler Florence – and does he know meat loaf! It was a knock it out of the park hit and I can guarantee that this will grace my table again. I also did a little baking and whipped up my Peach Blueberry Cobbler.

Add to all the fall-ness that is in the air is the return of college football. Seriously, Gentle Reader, can life get better than this? It can when Michigan wins! Indeed life is good. It could only be improved to have RRod (as a Twitter friend calls him) exiting stage left. One can hope this exit is sooner than later. And, I am hoping big!

On the What is Current Front, I honestly was shocked by the news that very few of the local schools will be carrying President Obama’s address to students on Tuesday. There is some incredible intelligence for you – censoring the President as he encourages students to stay in school and study hard. What, would they rather have them quit school? The local papers even have added a “socialism” spin to the mantra. I guess what boggles my mind most of all is the fact that people believe that nonsense and buy into it completely. PT Barnum was so right when he said, “There is a sucker born every minute” and they are apparently a prolific and vocal lot! That’s right, there is some vile socialist plot afoot here, beware!!

I know, humorous, isn’t it?

All right, Gentle Reader, I am off to dream land before I have to head to work tonight.

Enjoy the remainder of your, hopefully, Labor Free Day!

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