The very definition of ‘beauty’ is outside. – Adam Carolla

The weather is turning nicer and, appropriately, Carole wants to know:

10 Things You Love To Do Outside

Does Carole have perfect timing, or what? Especially with the weather warming nicely here, I am itching to get outdoors and do things!

10tuesHere are my 10 Favorite things to do outdoors:

  1. Work in my garden. There is really nothing better than watching things you planted to grow, bloom, and produce! While I do have a small flower/perennial garden – my first love is my vegetable garden and especially eating and preserving the good things we’ve grown!
  2. Al Fresco dining – I just love it. Outdoors, fresh air, and good food. Is it just me, or does everything just taste better outdoors?
  3. Cooking outdoors – from grilling to making pizza in the pizza oven. Perhaps this is why the food just tastes so much better – because this is not a flavor you can replicate in the house.
  4. Enjoying sunrises, sunsets are nice too but there is just something spectacular about a sunrise.
  5. Walking along the water’s edge – especially the shores of Lake Michigan, perhaps my favorite place on earth.
  6. Improving my photography skills with the spectacular things in nature – nothing like a nice walk outside to give you a new perspective on photography!
  7. Exploring – my city and places I visit.
  8. Enjoying the wildlife in my neighborhood. There is nothing quite like sitting outside listening to the birds sing, watch the hawks, and see the deer (yes, we have lots of deer in Pittsburgh!)
  9. Knitting and spinning!
  10. Another of the best things of summer. Nothing quite like sitting around the fire as the day draws to a close. It is just so peaceful.

There you have it, my outside favorites, but tell me, what is your favorite thing to do outside?

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