Carole must be reading my mind, because this week’s topic has been in the front of my brain shouting at me and making it to focus while trying to finish All Things Christmas!

So for this week’s Ten on Tuesday we have: 10 Things You Look Forward to Doing After the Holiday Rush

My list might have more than 10 items, just saying.

  1. Hit the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES to stock up on gift wrap, Christmas cards, etc.
  2. Sew a new 100 Acts of Sewing Dress out of some fab fabric I got here
  3. Sew ANOTHER new 100 Acts of Sewing Tunic (yes, sewing is on the list twice)
  4. Try and finish knitting this sweater which I have been ignoring with the onslaught of Christmas Knitting for Others
  5. Read during the day WITHOUT GUILT!!
  6. Drinking lots of hot chocolate topped with these decadent homemade marshmallows
  7. Figure out What Are We Eating New Year’s Eve, suggestions welcomed!
  8. Classic Chinese Cuisine, maybe more than once!
  9. Lunch with a girlfriend
  10. Create a pattern similar to this and do some more stitching
  11. Take a class or two
  12. Twelve Days of Casting On? Yes, perhaps I will!
  13. Get ready for 2016

Or, this list could be called How to Maintain the Christmas Rush, AFTER CHRISTMAS IS OVER!

There are just three days of craziness left, Gentle Reader. Keep calm and push on!

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