Our Think Write Thursday topic for today is to write about holiday spirit. What does it mean to have it? Do I feel like I have it this year? Why? Or Why not?

Do I have an abundance of holiday spirit? A trace of holiday spirit? Or am I decidedly Scrooge-like?

And my answer to those questions is simply this – it depends on what day you ask me – okay, maybe even what minute you ask!

For me the question is really this: is my holiday spirit external or internal?

If it is external – then I would say my holiday spirit looks well in place. There is evidence of Christmas in this house – the tree is up – and the light issue has been fixed, presents are being wrapped, gifts are being sent off, and Christmas music is ringing though this house.

However, if it is internal – then I admit that some days my holiday spirit has completely vanished.

However, peace knitting has done wonders for the holiday spirit level – those forty-five minutes or so of contemplative knitting have been a real boost to my inner peace! Add to that the snowfall we got the other day has definitely helped move the holiday spirit level in an upwards direction.

So where does that leave me?

Truthfully, holiday spirit is a work in progress for me this year. I have really focused on the preparation time that Advent is giving me. Some days, I manage to fill the holiday spirit void more than others – but each day there is some filling taking place – even if it is only a drop or two.

I hope that by the time Christmas gets here, these words will ring true for me, “So here’s to the joy of Christmas. Here’s to the ones I hold dear. May you all have that Merry Christmas feeling, all through a happy new year.”

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