The arrival of Friday always brings a sigh of relief, but some weeks that sigh is more of a groan.

This is one of those weeks.

Yesterday, the furnace gave up the ghost. Quit. On the coldest of days.

Three cheers for the world’s most perfect timing. Ever. And, ever. And, FOREVER even!!

Because really, ten days before Christmas replacing the furnace is what everyone really wants to do! Somehow, my inner child belief in Santa does not equate to him delivering and installing furnace systems – or I would have put that sucker on my Christmas Wish List – and then hoped for an early Christmas!!

All joking aside, I am so thankful that we have the means to replace the furnace (which does not diminish the pain at all, just in case you were wondering!!)

This will put some things on the back burner for a bit, but that is alright too but, sometimes adulting sucks and sucks royally!

Peace knitting was again my saving grace. First, having wool in your hands when the temperature is 13-freaking-degrees out is a blessing as is the peace knitting process – I am jubilantly happy to report that the meditative knitting worked!!

Add to that Sherman is a superior foot warmer, which is balancing out the fact that he is refusing to go outside in this weather, to well – do his business. Yep, Poop Strike Season has begun! I am sorry if this is TMI. But, I am finding it comical – and really, laughing is so much better than crying!!

Now, for those of us who are living in the Land of Delusion – thinking that we are going to accomplish more Christmas knitting – there are only NINE days until Christmas!! So, if you have not cast on yet – what are you waiting for????

Here are some links that may or may not be of help (okay, really, they won’t – but you can start now for next Christmas and have wild success!!):

First up, I do not understand this phenomenon at all, that is until I saw this. Knitting Sarcasm FTW!!

Sunflower Mittens are delightful!

I love Short Rose – almost as much as I love the play on words!

Truly Myrtle has published a trio of lovely things – there is a hat, a shawl, and a sweater!!

End-less Squares Blanket by my friend Simone is so lovely. And, it is designed with no ends and no sewing together of squares. Yeah. Plus, scraps of yarn!! We should all get on this ASAP!

Socks with holiday names like Frasier Fir and Mistletoe are fitting. However, they won’t be available for purchase until January – but, would be perfect for next year’s gift knitting extravaganza!!

This just cracked me up! I just love the dog, the cat, and the lamb, but the Pig is the BEST!! And, if you come from Holland Michigan where the saucijzenbroodjes are the be all, end all – and so good to boot! This is absolutely going on my knit list.

Now to finish off with two final links that just might work for last minute gift knitting for THIS CHRISTMAS!! My Mini Mitts and (appropriately named) Homestretch Hat.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you back here on Monday!! Oh, and stay warm will you?

P.S. Of course this could not have happened on Saturday where temps are forecast to be in the 50’s. Yes, you read that right from 13 to 50 in 24 hours! Only in Pittsburgh!

P.P.S. For any Holland Michigan Pig in the Blanket connoisseurs – IMO Hempel’s Pastries on 13th and Maple made the best. Period.

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