Friday generally is the best day of the week – the doorway to the weekend.

But, today it seems to be the Monday-est Friday ever. Almost as if all the Monday’s of all time have been rolled into this one day.

Painful times infinity.

Today will be a day of avoidance for me – avoiding news, avoiding Facebook and Twitter, avoiding television and radio (sorry PBS and NPR – today I just can’t). I am not sure how I will manage this with how “technology-centric” my life is – but I am going to try. This also means no emails and no looking at my iPhone – a true challenge.

There will be no links today – although perhaps they might make a good distraction.

I will be reading, knitting, watching the birds (see above – a dule of doves?), and getting ready to stand up with the resistance tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

I have added a book to my “read list” We are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid. It is sad that President Obama’s farewell address is not in this book – I think it should be.

But, I will leave you today with President Obama’s Thank you – it is just what I needed for today, and I hope it is what you need too!


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