I recently found a new podcast – The Dinner Party Download. I have been enjoying it tremendously; the hosts are Rico Gagliano and Brendan Frances Newnam of Marketplace Money fame.

Anyways, the idea behind the podcast is to give you “…a fast and funny “booster shot” of unconventional news, cuisine, and culture to help you win this weekend’s dinner party,” and one of this week’s “unconventional news” items was this stunning piece of information: over 50% of Americans think that torture is acceptable in some circumstances.

Yes, you read that right that would be over 50%.

I do not know about you, but that news saddened and depressed me.


I think that maybe the just under 50% of us that do not think that torture is acceptable in any circumstances need to be a bit more vocal about our belief that torture does not add any value to our society, nor does it make us any safer as a nation.

Seriously, Gentle Reader, if your beliefs on this issue lie in category that mine do – the less that 50% category, then we need to open our mouths, pick up a pen, or send off an email to our representatives in Washington DC and do so quickly.

In case you have never written to your elected officials, modern technology has made it incredibly simple. You can do it all online, and with amazing ease! I encourage you to try it!

To end this on a more positive and warm fuzzy note (yes, that would be a fiber reference!) I have been knitting and spinning. I would have snapped some photos to share with you today, but the sun has evidently gone on vacation. Bad lighting does not a good picture make. Stay tuned for sweater updates, spinning updates, and what is fresh off the loom!

Now I am off to gather the ingredients to make a “Casey’s Killjoy” from Alex and Ika’s.


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