This week the topic for Think Write Thursday is to tell us what your mirror would say if it could talk.

Oh, boy…

Really? Can I just say for starters that I am unbelievably glad that my mirror cannot talk! Exceedingly glad – and then some! Ha!

However, perhaps if it could talk it might say things like this (in no particular order)

  1. Yes, your hair looks fine and does not need more hairspray. Really.
  2. Please do not forget the under-eye cover up – those dark circles and bag are not your friends!
  3. You know, if I were a bit bigger you might not need that magnifying mirror… okay maybe not.
  4. Two words – grey roots! You better get on that yesterday, girl!
  5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! And, puh-leeze!! Use the SPF 30 stuff!

Do you hear the sarcasm, because I sure can! In actuality this was a very challenging topic for me – one that is totally outside my comfort zone. I am not comfortable talking about myself in a positive way – I can talk about things I do, or ideas, or beliefs without any hesitation. But, when it gets down to that face in the mirror – it is an entirely different story.

Rather, here is what I see when I look at this picture – a middle-aged woman who will stand up for what is right and help you if you have a problem. I am a procrastinator and a dreamer and I do not at all feel like I am 57, but I sure as heck am glad I am not 75 (yet) or 25 (again). I am content with who I am inside even if I am uncomfortable talking about the outside.

A challenging journey that is, I hope, far from completion.

Thank you for selecting such a thought provoking topic this week Carole. And, I really mean that!

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