This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write a post titled “Hello, February.”

Hello, February!

You might be bleak, but you just happen to be one of my favorite months! You are short and sweet with days that are slowly lengthening and you are the last full month of winter!

Those are some darned good things – but you have so much more packed in to your 28 days!

There is some Groundhog excitement today, and apparently, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter. (However, remember this – only 49 days until SPRING!!)

There is one particularly SUPER Sunday and I will be cheering for a certain team from New England. It’s practically a patriotic thing to do!

You bring the birthday of my Rachel, who this year will be 28! Okay, really? How on earth can that be! (And, for those of you wondering – yes, I did use the calculator to determine her age!)

You bring a reminder that love is important on Valentine’s Day.

February 15 would be Susan B Anthony’s 197th birthday…which I think is kind of a big deal this year. A good day to put a pink hat on and celebrate!

We all get a long weekend for President’s Day…which is never a bad thing! (Also a great time to reflect on what makes a good president!)

And, all month long I will be putting pen to paper to send out a letter nineteen times.

I would be REALLY happy if you were a Leap Year – sadly this year you are not!

While I am not officially in the “Bang out a sweater” crew over at MDK this year – I hope to get at least one sweater finished this month. I am also joining in the Kirsten Kapur sock MKAL – I am not sure these will be completed this month, but they will join the knitting rotation!

I am going to try to finish another 6 books this month, which might be a challenge…we’ll see how I do!

I am also hoping that you do not bring days on end of snow and bitter cold – you could keep those things to yourself. Thank you very much!



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