The Joy Journey in March had some bumps in the road. The warm weather that caused things to bloom early was followed by some crazy bitter cold weather the following week which killed many of the buds and blooms. However, it did not get them all! And, while they look forlorn and bedraggled and the blooms have been greatly diminished, those that persevered are amazing! This is an excellent reminder to me that despite adversity, persistence is a worthy attribute to have.

There was also much joy in the Tom and Dara’s wedding weekend. It was truly a blessing to be included in their gathering. And, even though I only managed to drag Steve out to the dance floor one time, I did not let his lack of dance desire dampen mine!

There is joy in my weight loss journey as well – that scale that was in a holding pattern is not any longer. I am happy that it is moving in a downward direction again!

Joy in my daily stitching continues to grow as does my creativity. This is perhaps the best thing I added into my life thus far this year. I am learning how to be okay with things I do not like and rather than being halted by this, I am learning to turn what I do not like into something I do. I am learning that sometimes, creativity is a process and if I allow it to happen, amazing things occur in me!

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