Our topic for this week’s Think Write Thursday is to write a post titled “Hello, July”.

For him in vain the envious seasons roll who bears eternal summer in his soul. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Old Player

July is the month that I’d like to bottle to open in the middle of January. Imagine it – all those smells of summer, and the sounds of the birds, and all the growing things. July should be preserved with the berries for she is sweet and heady!

And, here we are past the Fourth of July and I’d like to put the brakes on summer. You know, slow it way down and savor every finite detail. It just goes so quickly.

This month will see me complete not one, but two sweaters and perhaps will ring in a bingo or two.

Then there’s that Summer Bucket List that I need to start refocusing on – especially the walking, which has been sporadic at best!

And, maybe – just maybe, if I am lucky July won’t speed by after all!

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