Think Write Thursday has faded into the sunset of summer. While this makes me the tiniest bit sad (like I am with the passing of summer) I agree with Carole that it was beginning to be too much work and not great participation! That being said, I might have had a moment of panic this week as I contemplated what three things I would blather on about here. You know…no instructions just my own brain! LOL However, I am forging ahead so…Welcome to Three Things Thursday!

Thing 1 (I almost feel like Chris Hayes in an All In-ish kind of way)

Learning something new is hard work. This is most certainly true of my Pilates practice – each day I hope that I will do better than the week before and sometimes I win… and sometimes the learning curve is so steep and I feel like I have miles and miles to go. But, I am not quitting and that is truly a thing of wonder for a person who always did everything I could to NOT exercise!

This is also true of making a simple (okay, maybe not so simple) t-shirt ala Alabama Chanin. Who knew that deconstruction could be so much work!! Now I have all the pieces apart, I am just working on the putting them back together part, but first some simple (no, really – SIMPLE) embellishment. I can see how this can be addictive. And I am already contemplating stenciling… I have more t-shirts so I think this could be a very good thing. I am also pondering RIT dyes so that they are not all white… stay tuned!

Thing 2

Occasionally I find something funny on the internet. I know, who’da thunk it! This week’s chuckle was served up by Victoria Elizabeth Barnes (I especially related to this awesome sentence: “…and listening to Paul tell me what I’ve done wrong recently.”) Yep, I can soooo relate.

Speaking of the internet, sometimes it is also filled with things that make me gasp in wonder. It is especially wonderful that this link was brought to my attention by Vicki. Proceed with caution… there is so much inspiration here! Just wow, amirite?

Thing 3 

I have been thinking lots (and I mean lots!!) about where my stitching will take me next year. I absolutely do not want to “be done” on December 31st but I don’t want to do the same thing all over again next year. So, I have come up with what I hope will be an exciting plan; I will stitch the four seasons. I have purchased more linen and each piece will be larger. I will still stitch daily, but each project will last longer. I am excited and energized about this new idea which will start this year on the first day of winter, December 21.

Then, what am I going to do with all my months of stiching from this year? Well, I have gotten some guidance from Margene on how to prep them to stitch them together – I will begin working on this after we get back from visiting my kids in October. Unlike each day of stitching, this will require some planning. But, my thought process has begun – up next some drafting on paper!

There you have my Things for this Thursday… whew, that was way easier than I thought it would be!

Would you like to see more (and possibly more brilliant) Thursday Things? You will find them all here!

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