Stopover is in a bit of a time out. I almost always have lots of extra yarn left over when I finish a project. So, this time I ordered accordingly so that I would NOT have left over yarn and now I am in fear that I will not have enough to finish. So, I put it aside for the day while I thought about options that did not include buying another skein of yarn that would not be the same dye lot. I then determined that there was only one way to know if I have enough – finish sleeve one and weigh it. Start sleeve two just through the color work, weigh that. Then do a bit of this absolutely brilliant knitter math from Kate Davies. Talk about divine intervention… Kate, if you are listening, I am sending you a HUGE THANK YOU for that awesome post!

Yesterday, I should have been putting together my warping mill so I can get going on the weave along, but I got distracted by some super simple slippers. I could not resist them when they showed up in my top pattern list on Ravelry this week!

Something fun (?) this weekend… kmkat and I will be live tweeting during Vikings vs. Eagles game on Sunday night. What could be more fun than a couple of knitters tweeting about football. Want to follow along? You can follow kmkat here and me here. Mary has pointed out that this will curtail knitting time, but sometimes you just gotta tweet!

Links for this week:

Berroco is hosting a Lopi Sweater KAL Need help knitting a sweater? There will be a Lopi Knit-Along newsletter with tips and tricks! They have some great sweater ideas in this blog post. There are some great FREE sweaters on this list: Ryðrauð, Glaswegian Cardigan, Aftur, Ellen Cardigan, Iðunn, Antipodal, and Hela. Take it from me, knitting a Lopi is really so much fun! Not a fan of Lopi yarn? They have suggestions on how to use other yarns as well!

Romi’s Inner Light is just stunning.

TTL Mystery Sock 2018 is discounted until February 1st!

If you loved Deschain Tee, but you don’t like to knit with linen, then you will be happy to know that Gabrielle solves that problem nicely! P.S. a genius #makenine2018 maker did this without sleeves and I LOVE IT!

Strathendrick, It’s Boxy meets colorwork….

Need a good cardigan? Stockbridge is a classic and I love the construction!

Sparks and Lucky Dip from Justyna’s Speckles collection is a wonderful way to use speckled yarn!

Plain & Simple from Quince is available for pre-order and, oh my. The patterns are all just wonderful!

Oh, Carole…. did you see Chess Club? Gah! It is so cute!

That’s all I have for you, have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

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