I have been trying to set aside some time each week to do some sewing. It has been so much fun and so energizing to repurpose something that did not fit into something that does!

Thing one:

My go to favorite is Lotta Jansdottor’s Esme Tunic/Top. I love it as a top, but yesterday I made a tunic length and wore it with leggings. (That’s right, it is easy enough to cut out and sew and wear in the same day!) I have one more cut out from some lightweight denim that I will sew up today! I also want to try this bell-sleeve variation but this will mean a trip to the fabric store to get some new fabric!

Thing two:

My embroidery has gotten more than a bit off track. I got woefully behind on my “Spring” piece and have yet to get caught up. So, I have made the decision to set aside embroidery for the summer. Sadly, there are only so many hours in the day and the garden, being outdoors, and yes, knitting are my priorities right now. I hope to begin stitching again in the fall, but perhaps with a bit of a different focus.

Thing three:

Finally, Inspired by Mary I am going to see if I can repurpose two pair of Pants No. 1 into something wearable!

There you have things that have percolated to the top of my brain today. As you know, Carole and Dale are away on vacation and you can see that they are having a marvelous time! Oh… and tomorrow is Friday!

What’s on your mind today?

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