I am joining with Carole to share some things today!

Thing One:

I believe in the “three strikes and you are out” theory. Because, generally if after three tries of doing something one way unsuccessfully, continued tries in the same manner means you are heading down the path to insanity. And, so yesterday Deschain and I sort of had it out – in a big way. I will spare you the gritty details, but I will tell you that cotton yarn and picking up stitches in a fabric knit at a loose gauge were beyond my capabilities. End result? I have taken out the side seams and I am knitting those blasted sleeves flat. Once done – I will seam it all together. All this has reinforced to me that I am a wool knitter. Period. If I want a cotton sweater – I will buy the damned thing! LOL

Thing Two:

A fun fact about Pugs – they are perpetual shedders. So, if you don’t like dog hair – you don’t want a Pug. However, a couple of times a year they go from being a perpetual shedder to an Oh My Gosh, How Can This Small Dog Have This Much Hair, Super Shedder! However, one of these Super Shedder phases always happens about now and so Sherman and I spend a good bit of time in the back yard where I attempt to defur him. I calculate the amount of hair removed in “Pug-sized” quantities and the past two mornings have reached the “three pugs worth” of hair. However, within 30 minutes every last bit of hair is gone from the yard – carried away by the nesting birds. I like knowing that this year’s baby bird crop will be snug in a nest lined with Sherman!

Thing Three:

There is some success in the seeds I planted! Beans and Basil and Atomic Cherry Tomatoes are spouting! Also – this hilarious photo my daughter sent yesterday! Genevieve all decked out in her “strawberry” clothes ready to start gardening! I am too, Vivi – I am too!

That is all I have for today! What about you? What things are on your list today?

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